About Us

Bayside Homes is a full service, turn-key local builder serving the beach areas of Southern Delaware and inland Sussex County since 1973 when the legacy began as Colonial East Homes.† Beginning as a modest operation to serve the local need for affordable and quality housing, the business flourished as the years went by.† A solid reputation was built as a dependable source of superior construction at the Delaware Shore.† As the business grew to match the publicís housing needs, the business became increasingly diversified in order to fulfill demand and soon communities were also under construction.

Ryan Class, Owner & Founder of Bayside Homes is proud to continue the legacy and vision of his forefathers.†† It didnít take long for Ryan to establish himself as a leader in the housing industry.†† He began his career fresh out of college, for another home builder in Northern Delaware, but soon realized he could serve in a much larger capacity as the owner of his own business.†† He also returned to the Delaware Shore, an area that he would forever consider ďHomeĒ.

Hence, as the purchase was consummated and Colonial East Homes closed their doors, Bayside Homes was born and opened its doors to continue to serve the housing needs of the Delaware Shore, and the story continues today.† Along with a firm commitment to provide quality & innovative construction, affordable pricing, and excellent service, Ryan has established himself as a manufactured and modular housing expert.† He works actively to ensure industry standards are not only upheld but continually improved.† Ryan is most grateful for the continued success of Bayside Homes which is undoubtedly composed of many layers one of which includes placing a high value on those supporting establishments that he chooses to do business with.† One strong example of this would be the alignment with system-built manufacturer, Ritz-Craft who also has a rich family-oriented, long-lasting legacy of over 60 years.† While all would consider Ryan to be extraordinarily dedicated and hard-working, he is also extremely family-oriented.† When not at Bayside personally ensuring all details of every clientís dream home, you will find him enjoying life at the Delaware Shore with close family and friends.

Over 1500 homeowners canít be wrong; Bayside Homes is the right choice for Delaware Housing.